The best things I have eaten in the past 3 days

Established Belfast’s Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

@established chocolate cheesecake brownies.  Seriously, Mr T will tell you I am hard to please when it comes to baked goods.  To the point where there are limited places he will take me for cake because he knows that look on my face when my brain is thinking, “this is not worth the calories.”  It’s a pretty simple criterion to meet you’d think, but so many places have these gorgeous, indulgent-looking desserts that tempt you to treat yourself, then totally let you down when that first forkful hits your tastebuds.  You keep eating, because maybe it’s you but it’s not you, it’s them.  They’re dried out, crumbly, or sometimes just plain bland.  Disappointed, you choose one of two options:

  1. Finish it anyway, you’ve paid for it;
  2. leave it, it’s just another dessert-fail
  3. feed it to small nearby children (your own usually, or at least ones related to you – people think it’s weird otherwise).

Best choice however is to go to Established and say the words, “cheesecake brownie please.”  Squidgy, fudgy chocolate and cheesecake, not so rich you feel sick but reassuringly cloying and satisfying.  Set the fork down between bites to savour how dreamy it is.  It’s the reason those words no one ever uses like delectable were invented.  You are welcome.

P.s. I keep tweeting them asking for the recipe.  They like my tweets, but ain’t nobody talkin.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Cinema-Sweet Popcorn

I know I know I just waxed lyrical about a brownie that is probably around the 500 calorie mark at least.  I can’t suffer low-fat low-calorie low-carb options unless they’re pretty good and much prefer a little bit of the more fun version than a lot of a cardboard reworking.  But this stuff is really nice.  I was expecting an airy, artificial tasting version of those little packing peanuts, which I am excited to have learned the name of.  Instead it really wasn’t far off a trip to the cinema concessions.  I don’t know what it is about popcorn.  Maybe it reminds me of pre-kinder days when we went to the cinema at least once, I think the most ever was three times.  Going to see movies on cheap night, when it didn’t matter if they weren’t much cop as you’d only paid £2.50.  We did have a bad habit of buying about triple that value in pick n mix, but whatever, carefree times when we went out midweek and not just to the coop.  Trips to the cinema are fewer and farther between now, punctuated by the latest animated Pixar title, but hey, boot up Showbox there, I’ll open a bag of this stuff and pick kernels out of my top later.  Ah memories.

Sidenote: The least fun thing I have eaten

Hard-boiled eggs.  Mr T is being good.  Something about the texture of the white is starting to erode my soul.  Maybe that’s a bit harsh.  Or not, that’s how I feel right now, it’s albumenable.  Sorry.


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