Cheesecake Brownies Attempt #1

So I’ve tweeted @Established twice now telling them how much I love love love their brownies and indirectly soliciting the recipe but so far no response.  As a result I have taken matters quite literally into my own hands via a cursory google search and Rachel Allen recipe

Nice, straightforward but reassuringly chocolatey recipe, my hope as wobbly as the surface of the brownies I take them out of the oven.  Kitchen is permeated by a cocoa-fug that makes me think this could be the one…


And they’re good, they’re pretty fudgy and have a good squidge…but the cheesecake element tastes a bit eggy to me and they just ain’t no Established brownie.  Mr T comes back from the gym in despair at my quest for brownie greatness so I box them up for his work peeps.  Funny how they get more spaced out in the box by next morning.  Watch this space for further adventures in brownies.

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