Why I love Home Bargains

Best Home Bargain Purchases Sept 16

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Home Bargains.  When your child tells everyone it’s his favourite shop it’s a mixture of pride and mild embarrassment but mainly pride.  My kid knows how to shop people.  So here’s this week’s roundup – I feel this is going to become a regular fixture…

  1. Zak Minions lunch box dese-n451_dese-q650_zakdesignsGoPack lunch container – I’ve seen these for £6 elsewhere so 59p seems pretty good for a lunchbox little T probably doesn’t need but will use and love.  It’s super yellow with Stuart on the front and feels really sturdy – the lid locks firmly, which I like and with split compartments it has plenty of room for a sandwich on one side and fruit or crackers or whatever on the other side.  Because nobody likes their lunch all smooshed together.
  2. Pretty glass carafe (99p) – I think this is about a litre capacity.  It feels nice and chunky, with a pretty ‘ice cold drinks’ design on the front.  So far I’ve filled it with water and slices of cucumber and berries to try and get the boys to drink more water and they seem to like it because the shape makes it easy to pour out by themselves.  Looks quite expensive or vintage-y and makes a change from one of the Ikea bottles you see in every cafe.  Ok ok so I have one of those too.  I can’t help myself I’m a magnet for kitchenware; it finds me I don’t find it.
  3. Halloween mallow lollipops (49p each) – full disclosure, I love Halloween.  The smell of October air, the dark nights, snuggling inside, lighting the stove and getting cosy.  No more baring skin, just bundling up in woolies.  And like the Olympic heats, baking starts for the festive season.  So these will be used to make Nigella’s ghoul graveyard cake from Feast.  Cake=decorated.
  4. Boot mat (£1.99) 51azk-fgnjl-_sl500_aa400_                           A bit like this one. Mostly because these make me nostalgic for a post-uni year spent in the most beautiful Quebec, but also to make me feel like I might possibly prevent more dirt coming into this house via wellies, mucky boots etc.  
  5. Minion travel pillow (£1.99) – for my friend CK who is off on hols to the sun.  This way she’ll be all chuffed with her useful present for maximum dozing and comfort during her travels whilst reminded of the babysitting she owes us.  Honestly, when you go to another country to avoid looking after your honorary nephews, one of whom is your godson, that’s extreme CK.
  6. Quark (89p) 1-lake-quarkMr T is still low-carbing, so when he returns home from a gym session so strenuous you’d easily believe someone has thrown a bucket of water at him, the big cub needs a snack.  Usually this consists of a tin of tuna mixed with sriracha and quark.  Boke.  Makes a change from hard-boiled eggs I guess.  Also I sometimes think he is just going for a flat white somewhere in his gym gear, having some peace from being assaulted on all levels in our house, then throwing water over his head, doing some burpees to get the desired rosacea and coming home to eat this.  He’s pretty fussy – doesn’t like the Sainsbury’s one or Tesco or Dale Farm, but Asda or this one pass muster #Quarkaholic
  7. Mega box Chupa Chups lollies (£1.49) – for bribes mainly.
  8. Cistern loo bleach tablet things (£1) – because they make me feel like I’m cleaning when I hear the loo flush.
  9. Spiderman surprise egg (29p) – because it’s always good to have a treat/bribe handy that doesn’t involve sugar and doesn’t cost more than you’d spend on a bottle of wine.


The things i wanted but didn’t buy*

  • Garden seat pads (£4.99) – some nice red and white polka dot and floral cath-esque ones.  Hoping they’ll be reduced so I can put them away for next year, although you never seem to see things discounted in Home Bargains – guess they just keep things for next year too.
  • Phonics thing 81awmxhdgxl-_sl1500__1_Sorry LeapFrog fridge phonics magnetic letter set – phew (£9.99) – little T number 1 has just started primary school and they learn to read with phonics, which I’m a little clueless about.  Maybe I can say this is for him but use it to figure out what I need to know.
  • A fruit and vegetable spiralizer (£7.99) Still not sure if I need one of these in my life or if it would be used 7 times and then languish at the back of a cupboard with a sad lament playing when the door closes.  Time will tell I guess.
  • Lots of things from the Blooming Beautiful range – especially the retro tumbler set (£1.99) that looks like it came straight out of the caravan.
  • More Halloween decorations – don’t tell Mr T.
  • Creepy gummy pizza (£2.99) – got one of these for little T’s birthday and he went crackers for it.  It’s literally a cardboard takeaway-style box with sweets arranged in the shape of a pizza.  For some reason this is amazing.  Like stickers.  I don’t know why.


  • Mr Happy Baking Set So they already have lots of kids baking stuff but it’s real cute and only £1.99.  And maybe someday when we bake together they won’t just wander off when the whisking gets tough – though they always come back at the end…little spoon lickers.
  • Crayola marker minion airbrush set (£17.99) – looks like a good one for Christmas.  Only thing you need to be careful of in our house is if you buy too soon it’ll be found by little nosy parkers no matter where you hide it!


*in other words I may still return…


They had some nice plants and lots of baby stuff in too.  In other news, I have discovered that they have a twitter account too.  Very exciting @homebargains 

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