10 Reasons why I am a bad wife

10 Reasons I am a bad wife

  1. I get pissed off about stupid things which, when I look at how good I have it, are teeny tiny.  In the heat of the moment that little petty remark, action or, more likely, inaction, can produce the whole shebang – smoke from ears, bitten tongue, clenched fists, internal gutteral howling.  Even when I know whatever it is doesn’t really matter, I can’t ignore the initial roar of rage.  I don’t want to fight and I know the little things aren’t worth it, I do.  So I will continue to try and subdue my exasperation.  It is ridiculous, as am I most of the time.
  2. I don’t always communicate how I feel in the best way.  I try to work on this sporadically, usually inspired by some American TV show where they seem to be able to say mean things to each other in a nice way.  Yet to be perfected….or what’s much lower than perfected?  Practised?  Seriously I don’t actually want to be mean, that’s where this comes from.
  3. I don’t communicate enough.  It’s too easy to be lazy.  To watch crap TV or sit on your phone or just say nothing because you’ve used up your energy on other things and all you really want to do is sit down and use zero brainpower.  This was meant to be a fun lighthearted list but somehow I’m now just pointing out all of my weaknesses and saying I’ll try to be better.  I suppose that’s most people – when you stop to think about how you behave I don’t know many people that would say there’s no room for improvement.
  4. I will go to bed on an argument.  And I will walk away and shut down during an argument.  Mostly because I don’t want to be hurtful, I don’t want to say something I’ll regret and also because in the heat of the moment, I find it hard to articulate my feelings without sounding irrational.  
  5. I roll my eyes much more than is healthy.  Mental eye rolling also.
  6. I am impatient.  This is genetic therefore I take no responsibility for this attribute.  Impatience is, in my opinion, a virtue.  I get stuff done, if you ask me for something you get it and pronto.  But somehow the same quality that makes me efficient and industrious translates into me being a pain in the ass.  I do not understand this, however feel it should probably belong on this list.
  7. I warm my ice block feet against his cosy calves.  It’s mean, but my feet are freezing sometimes and man those hirsute legs radiate heat.
  8. Nagging. There are few worse things you can call your wife than a nag.  If you did what I asked or listened in the first place, I wouldn’t still be going on about it, would I?
  9. I am too straightforward.
  10. I bake too much and make him eat it.

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