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The Bike Trailer

So for ages now we’ve wanted to get out biking as a family.  Not serious biking, let’s not overplay this and let me preface any expectations of photos of me in cycling shorts by saying no, just no.  The main thing was getting out – together, in fresh air, spending time as a foursome and creating memories like the ones I cherish from childhood – of day trips and haphazard picnics with smooshed sandwiches and warm drinks.  My picnic game is pretty good though, there is always Maldon sea salt in the coolbag and I’m currently stalking several vintage picnic sets on Gumtree.  Remember that retro picnic cooler Nigella toted in the Express TV episode with the buttermilk chicken and sesame peanut noodles?

 Getting off-topic.  Anyway the little Ts are 16 months and 4 ½ so one is just about the age where he’s riding his bike but hasn’t the stamina for a long journey (and his steering is a bit hit and miss – more hit than miss actually) and the littler T is ready to ride as a passenger in a bike seat.  So if we head out that way, it’s awkward if the 4 year old gets tired, or if it rains blah blah.  I’d looked at bike trailers before but just didn’t really think they’d have much of a shelf life and a double bike trailer never even occ
urred to me.  So there I was browsing Hotukdeals during naptime (man I wish I got a nptime) and one popped up at Halfords, less than half price with a discount code for an extra £10 off.  Whether or not it’s ever full price I’m not sure, but hey.

bike-trailerIt didn’t seem to take much to assemble – not belittling Mr T’s prowess in the assemblage area – it came flat and seemed to be pull the sides up and whack the wheels on.  Again I didn’t really get involved but no tools were needed and there was minimal cursing which is nice.

I was worried how snug the trailer would be; 4 year old is pretty wiry so I’m not sure how cosy it’d be if he was sturdier.  It easily becomes a single seater by moving your little person into the middle and using the belt in the centre – we haven’t used it that way yet, but hopefully we’ll get a good bit more life out of it that way once the bigger little T gets more confident on his own bike.  The boys feel secure when they’re fastened in and have fallen asleep several times on the way home from our jaunts, so you look back and there’s two slumped little people snoozing while Mr T puts in the hard work getting them up hills.  The bug shield keeps any critters and a good bit of the wind out and the rain cover velcros on when you need it and they’re well protected.


We mostly stick to the Greenway cycle path and I wouldn’t be so  happy using the trailer cycling on roads, but it depends where you are and how busy it is I guess.  We still put their cycle helmets on – maybe that’s a bit extra but it’s a good habit for them to be in anyhow.  There’s a little storage section behind which is handy for your picnic or extra layers in case it gets chilly, although I try not to overload it considering Mr T is already pulling around 5 stone of extra luggage.  There’s nothing about the trailer that’s any hassle and anyone who sees it seems to be tickled by the sight of these two hitchhikers.  They’re pretty darn cute, although apparently I’m biased…whatever, they are.  And if a piece of equipment makes the difference between us doing something active in our crazy little unit, feeling the sun – or rain – on our backs, inhaling the landscape and moving our bodies, or us festering in the house or trailing round the shops then to me it’s definitely worth the price tag.  Plus it’ll be on Gumtree when we’ve finished with it – if we haven’t worn it out by then…

Halfords Double Buggy Child Bike Trailer £99 or thereabouts

Bike trailer 2.jpg

P.S. Yes that first pic is @Established.  Yes I had a brownie.

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