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Hummingbird Bakery Black Bottom Cupcakes

In an effort to take my mind off brownies (futile), and inspired by Mr T’s work colleague’s Tesco value birthday buns (makes my soul sad), I dusted off the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and set out to make some black bottom cupcakes as a substitute treat.  I do like a cupcake, but so often feel like I’m fobbed off with style over tasty substance – a dry, tasteless example of sponge overloaded with sickening frosting that’s at the same time bland and saccharine.  Disappointing.  But not these bad boys.  I’ve been to Hummingbird Bakery in London a few times now and on the first visits tried different flavours and other goodies like *ahem* brownies.  Every time I wish I’d just ordered a black bottom.  The dense chocolate sponge alongside the gooey, velvet vanilla of the cheesecake and then you hit a chocolate chip…oh man.

file_000-1Their cookbook recipe is just as good, so here I am replicating the Hummingbird joy at home.  The recipe itself is easy to follow and takes little time and ingredients you mostly have in the pantry anyway.  And before you know it your kitchen is a cocoa-hazed bake shop, which is how I like it.  This is the time when I will people to call in, when I’m in full dom-god mode; needless to say they never do.  The cream cheese frosting and dusting of cocoa powder finishes off what is possibly my favourite cupcake.  Not too sweet, chocolatey but not cloying, squidgy but not mush.  Best eaten with a fork, sitting down, not speaking to anyone.

P.S. The cleaver is for chopping up a bar of chocolate for the chocolate chips.  I didn’t notice how sinister it looked until afterwards…




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