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An oldie but a goodie…Nigella Breakfast Bars

Not the Version 2.0 from Simply Nigella (sorry Nige they were just a smidge too wholesome for me); but the originals from Nigella Express.  

Everyone has their favourite cooks, books and recipes, go-to cooking that you know will please and turn out the way it always should.  Even on their worst day, these recipes are still good, so as much as I like trying new things, it’s like going into a favourite restaurant and having to force yourself to order something different.  I think I’ve become a risk-averse baker in my old age.  Nigella Express holds a special place in my heart.  I didn’t always cook, mostly because my dear mum never really wanted me to mess up her super clean and tidy kitchen.  So it was only when I moved into my first house that I discovered how it felt not just to cook, but in particular to cook for people that I love.  One of the first non-Delia books I followed and possibly even the first cookbook I owned, was Nigella Express.  It appealed to me on several levels; not least maximum results for minimum effort.  When you’re just starting out you need some crowd-pleasers to keep you believing.

And this is one of the recipes from that book that I come back to time and time again when on-the-go sustenance is required.  Others include pear and ginger muffins, rocky road bars, chicken alla cacciatore, chocolate brownies, totally chocolate chocolate-chip cookies, pear and chocolate sponge, doughnut french toast…oh my this list goes on more than I realised it would.

Anyway here they are – made in advance of the hotly-anticipated Red Bull Foxhunt mountain bike race specially to keep Mr T going when his quads are burning from climbing that hill before he gets to speed down it.  Recipe here

Eating well when time is short

Update: He finished 94th of 400, or 34th in his class.  Also not dead.  Very proud of both those things.

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