The 3 best things I bought in Home Bargains this week

  1. Leeks (69p for 4) – I’m not a summer girl.  Bikinis are not my friend, I’m not that fond of salads unless there’s some kind of warm element and, let’s face it, ice cream is not at its best in warmer temperatures really – no one likes drippage.  So I feel my entire body and soul breathe a sigh of relief at the onset of autumn.  The dark evenings, the smoky, leafy smell that I can’t quite put my finger on and the promise of cosying up in front of the stove is my bliss.  Which brings me on to the food; ugg boots firmly on and sleeves rolled up on my slanket, it’s time for stews, stodge and soups.  Mr T’s leek and potato soup is a firm favourite in our house; it’s even made it as far as Christmas day starter status.  Usually he makes it at the weekend, but I spotted leeks in the fresh produce section at 69p so threw them in the trolley and made it myself.  Whether or not it’ll be up to his standard, there’s a comforting feeling having a big pot sitting waiting for dinner.file_000-5
  2. Christmas sprinkles (79p) – I know, I know, it’s weeks away, but sprinkles are such an easy way to decorate cakes and cupcakes that really I’m saving myself precious festive time by thinking ahead.  I love to bake, it’s like my therapy, but sometimes there are other things I’d rather be doing, or if I’m baking with the boys, sprinkles are right up their street – they take a more is more approach.  So these bad boys will be stashed away in the pantry ready for Christmas and hopefully I won’t forget about them.
  3. Pumpkin Tree Apple & Cinnamon Organic Oat Crush (69p) – the littlest T is 17 months now, well past the pouch stage and regularly eating 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, but during the summer we picked up some of the Ella’s Kitchen smooshy snacks to freeze for out and about and he really loved them.  They were nice , unusual flavours (strawberry and beetroot, apple and cucumber, orange and carrot etc) refreshing and it meant I knew he was hydrated and cool during warm weather and not making a mess, plus he was happy to be able to hold them and do his own thing if we were out and about.  Navigating the aisles with him giving off and getting bored, trying to stand up in the trolley, I lifted one of these pouches in a move I pre-children naively thought I wouldn’t make – letting your child eat before you pay.  Lid off, he seemed quite happy with my parenting, so on we shopped.  It was only when I got home I realised it smelt really nice and actually these are marketed at adults too as a breakfast or post-gym snack.  Not sure what I’d make of someone over the age of 2 eating one of these but it bought me valuable bargain time.healthy-fruit-3-1

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