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Parkrun 4 months later

image113 thoughts I’ve had about parkrun 4 months and 65km later:

  1. It makes me feel like I’ve achieved something and puts me in a good mood for the rest of Saturday morning – if not well into the afternoon.
  2. I love the little community feeling; even though I’m still too shy to really talk to anyone, I feel like I’m part of something.
  3. I still get nervous the night before, which is ridiculous.
  4. I still have no idea what my time is every week until I open that email – which feels a bit like opening an exam results envelope.
  5. Even though it doesn’t matter if I beat last week’s time, I can’t help but want to, which can only be a good thing.
  6. Between the weekend and the cold, the post-run shower is the best I will have all week.
  7. It means it’s totally ok to have cocopops for breakfast afterwards.
  8. Nothing keeps me going more than the two little faces who peer through the fence of the playpark as I go past (it’s ok they’re my little faces).
  9. The thought of missing it makes me sad.
  10. I really need to volunteer; if only to make one person feel how I do when you feel like you need to stop, but then someone is clapping you on.
  11. For those 5k, it’s just me, usually Nicki Minaj and the feel of my feet on the ground.
  12. I want to try other venues, but man Stormont is just so pretty it’s like always ordering your favourite thing at a restaurant, even though you know you *should* go for something new.
  13. I’m really glad I started this.

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