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Fitnessmama Fatburn – Day 1

Well as far as I can tell less than 12 hours in (after a weekend of not quite overindulgence but not exactly self denial either) and I’m feeling ok. No sugar withdrawal so far but I think I’m going to face that craving once the boys are in bed and I sit down without my usual chocolate or Haribo fix. Ok ok and maybe that sometimes came with a cornetto on the side. Seriously with that in mind how can this two week plan do me any harm? At the age of 36 I should know that eating this stuff every night isn’t good for my mind, waistline or general sense of wellbeing.  Problem being I do know better, so where is the point when my willpower is overtaken by the devil in me who just wants something and doesn’t care enough to stop herself. Emotional eating is definitely an issue for me; I’m not sure where it stems from – that’s a whole other kettle of fish oils I guess. But the habit of that being my time when all is cleared up after a long day is where I clearly need to replace food, particularly sugar, with something else.

This morning started with the prescribed fish oils (totally new to me – the only time I’ve really taken vitamins properly was while pregnant; put it on the list of adulting things I keep meaning to do) and a pint of water.  You wouldn’t think drinking a pint of water was hard, but it took me almost 20 minutes.  Based on Alex’s advice to only eat when hungry, I had a coffee and it was almost 11am before I hit the fridge to try the chia-berry pudding I’d prepared last night.  Cinnamon, vanilla, walnuts, coconut milk and chia seeds topped with fresh berries – what’s not to like?  Well, it looks a bit like tadpoles and I think I overdid the cinnamon.  I am a bit of a fussy eater (husband sniggers) but did my best to embrace new tastes, and in this case new textures.  And it was fine, I ate an amount smaller than the portion size, but wasn’t hungry anymore so that’s the aim I guess.

I treated the boys with a trip to the supermarket to stock up on veg and some fresh fish for tonight’s dinner – cod with pesto and some cauliflower rice.  Lots of green veg in the trolley, their highlight was stopping to play at the gnome display – seriously??? Anyway, whatever makes them happy.  In possibly a strategic move, Mr T left his lunch at home, so we swung by his office and brought it to him, complete with spinach and feta muffins I made a batch of last night.  Torrential rain at the park led to a trip to – don’t judge – McDonald’s DriveThru for the boys and he ate his packed lunch in the driver’s seat while parked outside his office.  Back at home I had a chicken salad with red pepper, little gem, sugarsnap peas and some balsamic.  What’s not to like?  I’d planned to try Bodypump again tonight, so am saving my second cup of caffeine of the day for before that.  No headaches or sugar withdrawal that I can tell and I don’t feel too hard done by.  I’m keeping up the water consumption as best I can for someone who doesn’t drink much water apart from at the gym.  Nigella’s declaration of being an aquaholic is totally lost on me unfortunately, but I’m doing my best.  The Facebook group is nice in making you feel like you’re not in this alone which I’ll definitely need as the days wear on, plus some of the comments make me smile.  Anyway, should probably go and parent as there appears to be a minor incident over Duplo and several questions about the Titanic.  Will report more post class and dinner.

*Update: pump was fine, at no stage today have I felt like I’m about to keel over which is good.  Didn’t have my second coffee but kept dinner for when I got back.  Got a bit mixed up on menus so I had the chicken stuffed with mozzarella in tomato sauce with some leftover broccoli because Mr T ate the entire pan of stir fry veg.  He maintains the onus is on me to remove any food I want before he eats.  Survival of the fittest in this house that’s for sure.  Looking forward to tomorrow and hoping to run in the evening; I think I’ve given up hoping I’m going to turn into a morning run person and instead accept it will never happen. Oh also, live Q&A was good on Facebook group – nice to see others with similar questions.  Let’s go day 2!

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