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When Bakemama met Fitnessmama – 2 Week Fatburn Plan

My diet isn’t that bad.  I mean I know all the right things to do…sticking to them however, is kind of a slippery slope for me.  I go through weeks where I behave, feel good in my clothes and wonder why I ever digress from the saintly life of fruit, vegetables and lean protein.  Then I feel the need to celebrate.  It starts with an extra little treat here, some mindless snacking there and before you know it, it’s evolved into a full-scale oh well I might as well really go for it now.  Weekends start on Thursday and end on Sunday night, with the regular promise by both me and Mr T, “This week…that’s it now….enough.”  Maybe it’s that I’m having less saintly days than naughty long weekends, maybe it’s *gasps* getting older, but I can’t help but feel a bit of spread.  More annoyingly, I feel like I’m not seeing any of my hard work at the gym when I look in the mirror.  Something has to give and I’d rather it’s not the button on my jeans.

I’ve done Slimming World before and I honestly think it’s great – unlimited fruit and veg, no counting, a daily treat – it’s totally stickable and I’ve had really good weight loss as a result.  But for the past few months, feeling bloated, tired and lumpy, I’ve been thinking about doing something different, more targeted towards losing fat and addressing my long sugar addiction.  I’ve done Alex’s bodybalance classes when I can get to them and found myself idly googling her fitnessmama page while mindlessly shovelling sweets one evening *spoiler – I also like to watch fitness/weight-loss shows while eating doritos*.  It took me a couple of months of lurking and reading testimonials to actually do something about it, but here I am, signed up, stocked up and feeling nervous but excited at the prospect of making a change.  So for the next 14 days I’m fatburning (hopefully), detoxing from sugar (long overdue) and probably trying to avoid anywhere with good cake.

I keep telling myself I can stick to anything for two weeks but simultaneously have a nagging fear I’ll fail.  Mr T is supportive as always and is accompanying me, giving up Coke Zero (no mean feat for him) and eating what I’m eating.  I’m aiming to post a little bit every day, which is a good incentive to get back to bakemama and let’s face it, if my fingers are on a keyboard at least I’m not eating during that time.  So here goes….fingers and dimpled thighs crossed for a positive couple of weeks, new foods and a lovely clean mind, fresh from lack of sugar preservatives.  Eeek doesn’t quite cover it.

As a side note, I had to take body measurements and photos from different angles for before and after views.  Alongside the embarrassment of having to ask Mr T to take totally unsexy, badly lit bodyshots, I can only say that the feeling of looking at the photos was not fun.  I definitely have one of those bodies that looks ok in clothes, but man, bedroom light is unforgiving at best.  I’m not a selfie person at the best of times, but one other aim of this fatburn game is to make peace with my shape, see more nice bits than flaws and start treating my body with respect.  No pressure.

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