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Fitnessmama Fatburn – Day 2

Okey doke so day 2 was busy.  Sometimes once I’ve sorted everyone else out I think I’ll sort myself out later but this morning after the fish oils, water and a black coffee and just before we left the house I threw together a 2 minute omelette and put it in a tupperware for when the hunger would inevitably hit.  Because when it does that’s when I reach for the sugar or something less nourishing than I should to keep me going and that’s part of the bigger problem.  It’s hard to put yourself first, regardless of whether or not you have kids; there’s always something else or someone else you want to take care of and you think you’ll get to yourself later.  Being selfish is (for some people – obviously there are exceptions) hard.  For the past few months I’m lucky that Mr T has supported me to put myself first when it comes to parkrun or the gym, seeing friends and having a life outside our family so I can be a good version of me.

So late breakfast was a 2 egg omelette with peppers, onions and a little bit of chicken I found lurking in the fridge.  Lunch was late so it was the last of the leftover chicken and some salad and to complete the hat trick I made a perky ginger and garlic curry with coconut milk packed with mangetout, baby sweetcorn, some bok choi and yes, more chicken, plus some cauliflower rice.  Homemade burgers on the menu for tomorrow will be a nice change from the poultry party and I’m looking forward to trying the raspberry smoothie on the menu.  All in all a good day food-wise and I’m nervous it’s going too well.  Except I didn’t get out for a run – excuses range from rain to erm…oh well, gym tomorrow!

Saying that, I’ve been surprised today how many times it’s occurred to me that I would’ve reached for sugar – when someone makes me a cup of tea, when the kids are having a treat (or don’t finish it), when I have 10 minutes to myself and just want to chill out.  Even the car isn’t safe when I remember the peppermint patty chocolates someone brought home from their holidays that ended up stashed in my door pocket.  And since I haven’t really had any sugar withdrawal symptoms it looks like my addiction isn’t physical, rather mental and emotional.  Basically I need a new sugar-free treat strategy, a way of treating myself that doesn’t involve food.  Answers on a postcard please!  At least if I’m blogging about day 2 I’m not thinking about chocolate.

Oh yes and have made some cute pancakes with ground almonds, coconut, almond milk, cinnamon, eggs and vanilla.  I may have tasted one in advance of their official launch at breakfast tomorrow and it may be very nice. Definitely one the boys will enjoy too – although I’m guessing they’ll opt for nutella rather than berries.  Oh to be 5 again.

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