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Fatburn Days 3 & 4

It occurs to me I have been so self involved I have provided zero information of what this fatburn actually involves. The basic principles are no sugar, no processed food, no dairy, grains or alcohol. What’s left?! my sugar addled brain cries. Well good quality protein, good fats and non starchy veg. The biggest change for me is no sugar, but no snacking (where you can help it) comes a close second. I read an article recently that said “sugar makes you old fat and ugly”.  Wow. Pretty harsh I thought. I progressed to headlines on sugar being similar to cocaine and heroin based on your body’s response to it and how addictive it is by nature. To be honest big headlines like that make me overwhelmed and sceptical that sugar is just the latest scapegoat. This plan is only for 2 weeks and while Mr T is doing it with me (with the addition of extra protein) he has questioned several times how sustainable the no sugar, grain and dairy element is past these 14 determined, self imposed days of smug martyrdom. 

Yesterday I realised how mindlessly I eat sometimes and it occurred to me how much sugar I consume without thinking or enjoying it, how I fall down a sugar rabbit hole because I might as well now, then hoovering up the leftovers to get rid of them so I can be good again. As good as I feel on day 3, I know Mr T is right. I’m already worried how I can turn a 2 week burn into a long term change without succumbing to complacency and allowing those addictive little treats to wheedle their way back in. So what am I hoping to achieve if this is just a fortnight fad?  So far I have 2 goals:

  1. To reeducate my palate – dulled by sweeteners, I’m already tasting more natural sweetness when I Bute into a red pepper or munch on a raw sugar snap. 
  2. I don’t want to eat what I don’t enjoy – I already know I need to be more mindful, but more importantly I want to balance my sugar intake – no more bingeing and depriving. Seriously I’m 36 and I’m only now figuring out that eating a whole pint of ice cream is not good for me. 

In other news the almond pancakes – made with almond and coconut flour, coconut oil, almond milk and cinnamon were a pretty decent treat breakfast when topped with some fresh berries. Also I dreamt I ate a fizzy gummy sweet by accident and woke up feeling totally guilty. I am also being trolled by Hummingbird Bakery’s cinnamon buns on twitter. I swear I can taste the frosting. IMG_2639

Update to day 4: I felt pretty good up til now, but bodycombat tonight totally floored me – pun intended.  I had a black coffee beforehand, and I felt good going in but from about the halfway point I seemed to lose all coordination and fluctuated attractively between feeling like I was about to vomit and like I was running on empty.  As much as I tried to keep up the pace, I hit the wall, mentally and physically.  So I limped through the second half and man I tried to grit my teeth, to little avail.  Maybe I should’ve eaten before I went, maybe I allowed the mental block to get the better of me.  Only 10 days left though – the optimist in me says that’s practically halfway and I’m definitely feeling less bloated and maybe a bit leaner…I just need to keep going.

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