Fatburn – Day 5

Day 5 is a Friday – another of the long list of triggers for me.  Friday is the best day of the week – full of promise for the weekend, everyone in a good mood, more relaxed, it’s treat time people!  A cold glass of sauvignon blanc, bowl of crisps and a bag of jelly babies before dinner.  Today my treat was to be steak for dinner – not too shabby really – with lots of green veg.  Roll on to this evening and we get home late from a trip to diggerworld, Mr T has already eaten and I may keel over without some food pronto.  Omelette it was – not terrible but not my favourite Friday night.  Parkrun tomorrow so I’m hoping this will keep me powered up for the morning.  New PBs have been few and far between over the past few months; I’ve even managed to match my PB to the second twice – seriously?  Anyway I need to run more during the week or just stop complaining that I’m not getting faster – or follow Mr T’s golden advice, “just try harder”.  Nike has nothing on this boy; motivational phrases cut straight to the point.

I’m feeling ok physically but mentally I’m reminded why I fall into the binge and deprive cycle – this morning I was getting breakfast ready for the boys and found myself dying for a bowl of weetabix.  Almond pancakes saved the day again for a tasty breakfast, but salad out and about from a cafe that serves a bellybuster breakfast was pretty much just lacklustre chicken and lettuce – usually it has cheese, coleslaw, croutons, dressing and more apparently.  A black coffee perked me up but when the kids had lollies I really could’ve pushed them out of the way to lick one.  Better not – that always looks bad in public.

So days 6 & 7 are supposed to be fast days – not really what you have in mind for the weekend, but I’m going to suck it up.  There are quite a few smoothie recipes as part of the plan, some with fruit and others with cacao and almond butter.  There are also some green juices but as that is probably the only piece of kitchen apparatus we don’t have, I will not be juicing.  I’m not sure I could handle them anyway, I’m fussy at the best of times; where most people can choke something down I just can’t do it.  I maintain this has to do with having a large number of tastebuds on my tongue.  Seriously, I’m like Spiderman but with spidey-taste.

So the plan is a late breakfast, keep busy and then a light supper – maybe a big salad with a little bit of steak if I can’t stomach a smoothie.  I may have sneakily measured my tum this morning and it seemed to be smaller, although how I feel after dinner doesn’t match that – funny how I’m now stuffed after a 2 egg omelette.  It’s surprising how easy no dairy is – maybe apart from milk in my tea.  No bread isn’t my favourite, but it’s doable.  What I am missing is some kind of carb at dinner, even a small measured amount, but there’s no doubt the biggest void is not having some kind of treat to look forward to when the boys finally go to bed.  With that, I’m going to lie in a heap and watch a new episode of Suits; I might pretend I’ve already had my bar of chocolate….in fact if I concentrate really hard I can pretty much taste it.

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