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Fatburn – Day 7

Woke up feeling much brighter today thank goodness. I was so wiped out yesterday that I can’t help but think there must be something else at play. I’ve been more tired than usual for a good few weeks now and despite badgering to visit the doctor and get checked out I’ve always found something else that needs to be done first. I’ve been anaemic before and a lot of the symptoms – dizziness, blurry vision and general lethargy would seem to point to that as a culprit. However in light of my lack of medical degree I should probably go and get a check up to be sure. It’s on the list for this week, promise. 

Back to day 7 – feeling more sprightly and positive is a welcome state to be in. The last of the almond pancakes for breakfast and a good black coffee from Root & Branch and I was back to thinking I can do this. I’m not one to give up on a challenge thanks to genetic predisposition for pig headed stubbornness, so even yesterday when parkrun felt like a marathon, I would’ve limped the 5k to that line before I didn’t finish. Sharing my self pity with the Facebook group and seeing their comments of similar emotions was a boost that I wasn’t alone, always a good feeling to have.  A second coffee later in the day when I was starting to flag also prodded me in the right direction.

Scrambled egg for lunch and chicken stuffed with mozzarella in tomato sauce on today’s menu – although it’s a fast day I’m listening to my body and giving it food rather than a smoothie. I still feel like I’m experiencing the benefits of the plan but after yesterday I think this was the right choice and I can fast this week depending on how I feel.  I knocked up a vegan red lentil soup from the plan which was spicy, warming and delicious – Mr T was seriously impressed – that one will definitely be added to the  easy weekday repertoire, maybe bulked up with some chickpeas or leftover chicken.  An added bonus of the plan has been enjoying some different recipes; if I’m honest anything with vegan in the title may have previously been overlooked.  Fresh fish too has been a welcome addition and less expensive and labour-intensive than I’d imagined.

In between eggs, chicken and veg, I’ve been reading some interesting articles online about sugar detox, going sugar free for a week, month, 3 months *gasp*.  Something the longer term plans all differentiated was the difference between natural sugars and added sugars; bearing in mind this is a two week burn, fruit is off limits and starchy carbs and grains are a big no no.  I’ve found myself lusting after nectarines, fantasising about big chunks of cold melon, even planning my first post-fatburn meal of weetabix, sultanas and ice-cold milk.  And that’s where I hope to make the biggest change going forward – cutting down on foods with added sugar, processed sweetness and artificial treats – but still enjoying (within reason) naturally occurring sugars, enjoying fruit and opting for slower release carbohydrates with plenty of fibre over simple carbs.  

We’re at the halfway point, which is psychologically a big plus for me – I’m all about the downhill and if yesterday was the hump then today I’m sliding my way to the end.  Remind me I said that when the next slump hits!

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