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Fatburn – Day 8 (but who’s counting?)

Egg in a cup – breakfast of champions

I may have underestimated my non-physical attachment to sugar.  Feel a bit sad today, despite my resolution to stay positive on the downhill stretch.  I was on the verge of asking someone if they fancied a coffee after a walk when my imagination went on a wild hike of what bun they might order and how I might feel sitting there with my black coffee.  Not that I was hungry; actually I’d struggled to finish my old school breakfast of egg in a cup, which my gracious husband made me after I envied his.  It was more of a pang of sadness that I couldn’t have something – even a half of something, or a healthier option.  But that’s only for the rest of the week – day 8 is practically 10 which means there’s only a few days left and as long as I keep busy that’s nothing.  I’m tailwalking at parkrun this week which takes pressure off after last week’s pity party, though I’m meant to be meeting some friends for prosecco club on Friday night and I’m not really looking forward to that.  I don’t miss alcohol really, but without having some kind of soft drink I’ll feel a bit out of place and I’m hoping that’ll fly under the radar.  There’ll also be crisps, snacks and treats I imagine, which makes me realise if I was having a few glasses of wine I would absolutely have my hand in the dorito bowl and not remember.

Lunch was chicken – again – due to lack of imagination and time; I know, I know I need to vary my meals, no wonder I’m feeling a general Monday malaise.  Fish was on the menu for dinner, but I wasn’t able to get the fresh cod I wanted so am back to the drawing board with that one and may revisit a meal from last week in the name of expediency.  I’m heading back to Bodypump for the second time tonight and may have made a bit of a mistake when the instructor asked me midweek how I felt after…”not too bad, shoulders felt it definitely,” whereupon I was told my legs should’ve hurt and I obviously needed to increase my weights for that part of the class.  Oops.  So I’m faced with a class I’m just getting to grips with, a body functioning on chicken and eggs – my own fault – and a bit of a fear after the parkrun struggle.  The plan of attack?  To hoik my droopy face up out of my socks, eat something before I go and power up with a black coffee, pretending I’ve just had a full bag of jelly babies and have arms like goddess Serena Williams herself *insert motivational quote here*.  Let’s see how this goes…


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