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Fatburn – Days 9 & 10

Bodypump felt good on Monday night and the few homemade sweet potato fries I devoured before I went gave me a renewed vigour – or so I felt, it could’ve been all in my mind.  Could it be that even the thought of carbohydrate running through my veins (I know that’s not how the digestive system works but just for illustrative purposes) helped me push that bar over my head?  Didn’t help me when my triceps were on fire mind you, but it’s nice to feel human.  I have a family bbq this evening so I’m hoping to find some chicken and salad among the food I’d usually eat and also not draw too much attention to myself.

Update: ok so I managed to resist the sausages, burgers, bread, rice and the desserts…oh the desserts…never have they looked so good.  But my resolve feels pretty strong; saying that I was pretty tired tonight and went to bed thinking about food – not hungry, but imagining actually tasting different foods and wondering if I could eat anything, what would it be and what would it taste like.  The range swings from pizza to a caramel square, a raspberry and white chocolate scone, and somewhere between carbs I happily drifted off.

Day 10 started with the same routine of fish oils, water and then after about 20 minutes a black coffee.  I have to admit I’ve got a bit lazy about meal options; I think because I’m restricted to certain things, it’s easier to just stick to the same things and that’s probably a bad idea.  One thing I don’t want is to go carb-crazy when these two weeks are over, so I should be varying my diet more.  The plan includes juices, smoothies and bullet-proof coffee but a near-empty fridge and freezer with contents that aren’t allowed mean I’ve not been adventurous in what I’ve cooked the past few days.  Still, the online shopping arrives tomorrow so that should give us a midweek boost.  Plus we’re in double figures so the end is in sight.  Another thing I’ve noticed is how much more expensive it is to eat fresh, whole foods than crap.  Most of the ingredients for this plan are meant to be organic, but I’ll be honest that it hasn’t been financially doable for us.  I also prefer local to organic, so have hedged my bets on the health benefits of that one.

I’m conscious as I write this post that it’s pretty bland, but after some ups and downs last week boring feels like a relief.  I did a quick workout at the gym today and my energy levels seemed pretty normal whoop whoop.  The sunny weather meant shorts and it felt a lot nicer sliding on a pair than it did a few weeks ago.  Avoiding the scales until Sunday and although weight isn’t the main goal, I’m looking forward to seeing what the difference is.  Bodycombat tomorrow, so I might have some sweet potato again before class to keep me going – I was flailing about a bit last week, uncoordinated and empty –  not a good look.  There’s also a recipe for grain-free almond waffles with my name on it for breakfast.

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