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Fatburn – The Results

*Deep breath* the numbers are in – measurements taken this morning are:

Chest -4cm

Arms -1cm

Tum – 8cm – yay!

Hips -3cm

Thigh -2cm

I’ve also lost 5.1kg, which is great over two weeks, but the best result has to be how I’m feeling.  No bloating, cravings or low energy levels (if only I could tell day 6 me it won’t last forever).  Results from the whole group have been impressive, with those brave enough (me excluded) to share before and after photos really showing the benefits, especially around the tummy.  I’m also feeling pretty pleased with myself for sticking to the plan, not giving in or up, despite my emotional attachment to sugar at times.  It’s funny how I went from the what am I doing this for despair to I might try and stick to this for a while longer.

Emotions and self-confidence are both funny, fickle things.  I did initial measurements last night and I knew clothes weren’t as tight as before, everything was positive and then got Mr T to take the ‘after’ photos.  I don’t know who I expected to see in those photos – I know I look better, but man bedroom light is unforgiving and they were not as flattering as I’d hoped and to be honest, weren’t as changed from my ‘before’ photos as I’d imagined.  And so I slumped into bed, defeated and disappointed.  It’s amazing how you can feel so good one minute and rubbish the next; proud of your body and how strong you feel, then lumpy and bumpy the next.  I retook measurements and weighed this morning, as I realised I’d drunk a ton of water the night before and, sure enough, my tummy measurement had decreased – I was already happy with it so this was a bonus really.

Posting my results on the Facebook group, I deleted the photos that dampened my delight and decided how I felt was more important.  I put on my gym gear and went to bodybalance, coincidentally taken by Alex, Fitnessmama and Fatburn creator.  After enjoying a good stretch, I took the opportunity to say hello and also to thank her.  Because this plan pushed me out of my comfort zone, out of a bad relationship with sugar – we will still have one, but hopefully more of a happy friendship instead of a co-dependent, toxic marriage.

So here’s what I’ll definitely keep doing (promise):

  • Taking my fish oils every morning;
  • Drinking lots of water – especially a pint of the clear stuff first thing;
  • Eggs for breakfast – alternated with the almond pancakes for a treat;
  • Eating lots more green and non-starchy veg;
  • Eating fat – the good kind – eating butter was a strange thing after years of believing low-fat was the way to go;
  • Bread as an occasional pleasure, rather than daily fare;
  • Much less dairy – I actually haven’t missed cheese at all;
  • Only eating when I’m hungry;
  • No more mindless snacking.

And here’s what may be different:

  • More fruit, particularly berries and melon and lower sugar fruits;
  • I will enjoy treats, including alcohol and sugar, but I will really taste them and appreciate them.

So that’s it folks, fatburn done, but being continued, albeit with a slightly more relaxed approach.  It’ll be interesting to see what that means for measurements and cravings – stay tuned – like it or not I will update you.


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