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Life after Fatburn

So here I am one week on and bar a trip to Pizza Express* and afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie** (which are probably the exact opposite of everything Fatburn represents as a plan) I’ve stuck to the principles – no sugar, alcohol, grains or dairy.  For me, the important thing was not to stay off the wagon when I momentarily stepped off it.  You know, the reality of the food I could practically taste when I was imagining it during week one wasn’t disappointing, but it’s funny how your mind plays tricks on you.  Those flavours that made my tastebuds tingle just didn’t live up to how I built them up when I couldn’t have them.  Not that I didn’t enjoy either meal; it just reminds me of giving up chocolate for lent, staying up til midnight on Easter to bite into the shell of an egg I’d been worshipping for the past 40 days and it just being nice rather than the spectacular event I’d imagined.

And strangely that’s spurred me on even more to continue sticking to the plan in a reasonable way, enjoying treats and occasions without slipping into old habits.  I’ve kept up with my morning routine of fish oils, water and waiting 20 minutes to eat.  Eggs for breakfast have become a daily occurrence – we get through trays pretty quickly – and lunches and dinners are lots of chicken, lean meat and veg.  It’s nice to see the hard work I’ve been doing at the gym a bit more visible and my energy levels have felt pretty good.  It also turns out I’ve been anaemic (pre-plan) so have started iron tablets and expect to feel like I can run a marathon any day now.  Speaking of, parkrun this morning was back to my normal pace and I finished within 20 seconds of my pb, which was a relief since I worried I’d lost my mojo.  Mr T has carried on, without the indulgences I enjoyed and is looking and feeling great.  We’re both looking forward to our child-free 24 hours next weekend, where there will be much food, drink and merriment.  Then back on that sugar-free wagon by Monday.

*Yes I had pizza.  And dough balls.  And chocolate fondant with ice cream.

**Sandwiches, scones with cream and little delicacies with no sugar or calories.  Oh my.

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