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Post-run banana bread breakfast

Should’ve put it on a better plate but man it was tasty

Although the boys ploughed through the chocolate banana bread we made earlier in the week, for some reason the plain loaf languished in the pantry for a few days, unsliced and uneaten.  I think partly because no-one wants to be the one to cut a cake (I seem to be the exception to this rule – my cake appetite overrides any manners I have) and also because they thought it must be being kept for something or someone rather than being for general consumption.  Thankfully, if there’s one cake that keeps well and actually improves with a few days in a tin, it’s this one.  So post parkrun, there was one Saturday morning breakfast I had in mind – toasted banana bread with vanilla mascarpone, candied walnuts and a maple drizzle.  This is the kind of breakfast that catches my eye on the rare occasion we venture out for brunch – sweet but still passing for healthy (who am I kidding I know, but when you call it bread instead of what it actually is – cake – there’s step one of the pretence right there), filling but not cloying, satisfying and tasty.  I’m not going to lie and say it was rocket science putting this together – the banana bread was already made and there was only one ingredient not in the cupboard, so it was more of an assemblage than anything.

Although this is the kind of thing I’d order, to be honest I rarely stop and make myself a restaurant or cafe-worthy plate of food.  Mainly because I’m impatient.  Mr T will spend ages labouring over making a sandwich or putting together a beautiful plate of food, but my appetite (or gluttony) means I tuck in as soon as it hits the plate, rather than feast with my eyes or even get to the feast-ready stage.  Not today.  Today I candied walnuts in brown sugar and butter, whipped my mascarpone with vanilla and icing sugar, toasted my banana bread in a hot buttery pan and dolloped, drizzled and scattered to make a pretty post parkrun treat breakfast.  I may even have dusted with icing sugar.  You can tell it’s out of character when Mr T walked past and comments how nice your food looks, “Making yourself a nice breakfast, are you?”  Yes I am.  Now please don’t speak to me for the next 7 minutes.

Candied walnuts on a Saturday morning.  NB: those aren’t my hands.

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