Red-hot Roast Salsa from Nigella Lawson’s ‘At My Table’

Cajun chicken in romaine with roasted red onions, moonblush tomatoes, sweet potato fries, hummus and (barely visible) chilli sauce lining the lettuce boats

The Jumbo Chilli Sauce from Kitchen is a big crowd pleaser in our house; for Mr T, chilli sauce goes with everything – eggs, salad, chicken, hot or cold, breakfast, dinner or late at night straight from the fridge.  This chilli sauce is equally piquant, maybe even more so depending on whether you de-seed the chillis or not.  It could barely be simpler; tumble the peppers, tomatoes, chillis and onions (all red, all resplendently beautiful, shimmering in their coating of vegetable oil with a sprinkling of Maldon salt) into a tin and roast with some garlic, whip it out of the oven 45 minutes or so later and blitz.  Embarrassingly straightforward, but so so good and transformative.  Roasting the ingredients gives them a mellow sweetness, but then the chilli kicks in and you can’t help but let out a little involuntary whoop no matter where you might be.   I see this making an appearance as a dip with salty tortilla chips or slathered on quesadillas.  I daresay it might even boost a bacon sandwich to new heights.  The batch I made lasted us all week, decanted into a few little kilner jars and stashed in the fridge.  It even made its way into work in a lunchtime starring role alongside some chicken, edamame, avocado, hummus and feta.  Perking up mealtimes all over the place!

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