Our Reverse Advent Calendar

When did every single element of Christmas get so big?  It feels a bit like nothing is special enough anymore; I was into the Christmas jumpers, pyjamas and duvet covers, but when I saw Christmas table leg covers today I think my festive spirit took a hit.  Christmas eve boxes, breakfast with Santa and every ad I see tells me to make things more magical.  Thing is, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any of these special features in Christmases past, but I do remember unending excitement, joy, and a fizzing elation when going to bed on Christmas Eve.  So where do you draw the line?  Everywhere you look you’re told just to do this one more thing to make things extra special, magical, the best Christmas ever.

I don’t think I want the best Christmas ever.  I want mum forgetting the sprouts and finding them afterwards.  I want crackers that didn’t bang no matter how hard we pulled them, a door being used as an extension to fit everyone round the Christmas table, non-matching chairs and sticking a post-it that said nerd to my brother’s forehead as he played his new Gameboy.  Those are the memories; mistakes and unplanned moments that become new traditions.  Not £30+ advent calendars with toys, gin or beauty products.  So, inspired by Twitter, this year our advent calendar is a big box we’re adding to each day which will be donated to the food bank in a few weeks.  So far it’s full of baby food and some random freebies from shopping apps, plus some big bags of pasta and cereal.  Because some people will, for whatever reason, have a shitty Christmas where they need to ask for help putting food on the table.  They’re not looking for magical, just basic groceries.

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