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Time Flies…

No really it just flies.

Time flies when you’re having fun.  But sometimes it goes just as fast when you’re content; Monday morning rushes out the door blur into yay I’m so glad it’s Fridays, weekends quickly flip from Saturday morning obligations to Sunday evening blues and the weeks lurch from one season to the next, school term to half-term and year end.  Before you know it you’re bringing out decorations you feel like you just took down and planning the whirlwind month of December and everything it brings with it.  Autumn is easily my favourite season; I was born for blue skies with falling leaves, the chill of dark firelit evenings and an oven-warm kitchen.  So here we are in November; the stove is glowing and the uggs are on, but while I’m feeling cosy and snug I’m uneasy.  Because I feel like it’s all going to fast.  The little peoples’ trousers are getting shorter all the time, teeth are falling out and new ones emerging; they use new words, need help less in some ways and more in others.  I have less than a year left of my career break, which I know I’ve been so lucky to have.  But I feel a bit sad; the weeks feel like a treadmill I can’t get off and I have resolved to find a way to slow them down.  So here’s my new to-do list:

  • Do something fun with them every week that they don’t expect me to.  I realise I’ve fallen into the mum role a bit too much; time is spent saying no, being sensible, doing what we have to get done.  So daddy’s not going to get all the fun anymore – fun mom is coming!
  • Make new traditions.  The moments you remember from your childhood are a pick n mix of occasions and the unexpected.  We used to have dinner in the living room on a Saturday night as a treat – a fry (breakfast for dinner) whilst watching the A-team and sitting in front of the TV on a towel.  So I need to get inventive and make us some new habits; not sure the A-team is appropriate though.
  • Find fun in the humdrum.  There is stuff we will always need to do; school run, shopping, things around the house.  The question is how do I make it entertaining…

Contentment is my favourite thing but it’s time to shake this house up before I stagnate into 2019 and slide back to work.  Three ideas is plenty to work on for now so here goes for week 1 of 3 new habits – I’m hoping actual ideas and details will follow soon!

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