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Dublin Citybreak Review – Part 3

Seriously we were away for one night, how is this three posts long?  What do I still owe you?  I think I left you at the point where I was collapsed in our hotel room with a 6 month food baby – yeesh.  Fast-forward a good snooze later – quite unheard of for me in… Continue reading Dublin Citybreak Review – Part 3

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Fatburn – Day 14 – The End?

And here we are – day 14, the last day, the final instalment.  After the first week dragged by (or maybe it was just my heels dragging), this past seven days have seemed surprisingly manageable.  Maybe it was the sugar withdrawal that made week one so hard; or I’d figured the plan out and meals… Continue reading Fatburn – Day 14 – The End?

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Fatburn – Days 11 & 12

I can’t believe there’s almost only two days left.  The past two have been so painless that I’m kinda worried about reintroducing the prohibited foods back into my daily life.  I have no intention of going sugar-crazy on Monday, but neither do I want to be scared of food.  I’m not a believer in the whole… Continue reading Fatburn – Days 11 & 12